Sunday, November 6, 2016

Project 6 (Man vs Nature): Progress

f.13, 1/80, ISO 500

f.22, 1/80, ISO 320

f.13, 1/60, ISO 320

f.16, 1/100, ISO 800

f.7.1 1/60, ISO 320

f.10, 1/320, ISO 3200

f.4, 1/60, ISO 800

f.4, 1/80, ISO 500

f.7.1, 1/80, ISO 500

f.9, 1/80, ISO 500

f.6.3, 1/80, ISO 500

f.10, 1/80, ISO 500

Portraits: In Class Practice

f.14, 1/60, ISO 400

f.11, 1/80, ISO 400

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Project 5, Part 1: Self Portraits




Project 6 Proposals

Journey to Antarctica

I recently discovered that I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Antarctica, thanks to my sister who is a travel agent and is taking me along on her business trip.  I would like to document this trip, both in the preparation of the trip, which is by far more extensive than any other trip I've ever taken and in the actual journey to Antarctica, which involves flying from Cincinnati to Atlanta and then to Santiago, Chile.  Once in Chile, after a short visit there, we travel to the southern most part of Chile to board the ship that will take us, via a one day voyage at sea, to the continent of Antarctica.  I will obviously document the actual experience of Antarctica for my own personal interest, but for this project I would like to document the preparation, anticipation, and the actual journey to our final destination in particular.

  • Lay out of gear on the packing list
  • Shopping for the required apparel
  • At the airport 
  • In flight or taking off/landing
  • In Chile
  • Boarding the ship
  • Finally reaching Antarctica

Decayed and De-industrialized

I've always been intrigued by things and buildings that are falling apart, worn, weathered, and forgotten.  In this project I would like to explore the concept of decay and de-industrialization by photographing decayed and dilapidated buildings around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  It is easy to focus on the areas around of town that are prosperous and booming like OTR and the Banks, but these abandoned and neglected buildings and areas have their own intriguing duality of what was and what it has become.  And how the surroundings, people and neglect have forced these once thriving areas into decay.  In this some shots will revist the first assignment (abstract), whereas others will definitely highlight depth of field and indoor/outdoor lighting.  I would also like to experiment with some long exposure night photography if the opportunity presents itself.

  • Broken windows
  • Peeling paint 
  • Rust
  • Chain-link fence (DOF - building behind fence)
  • Shots from the outside/in and inside/out
  • How the surrounding area reflects this de-industrialization

Man vs. Nature

I like the juxtaposition of the man made world and the nature world and how they often fight with one another.  In the case of abandoned areas and neglected buildings it is almost always nature that wins and takes over.  The contrast between the hard, starkness that usually represents the man made world and the more vibrant and fluid qualities of the nature world will create a great contrast in textures, colors and lines.

  • Greenhouse over taken by nature
  • Dis-used rail road - overgrown tracks 
  • Trees and overgrown inside an old building
  • Ivy/overgrowth crawling up the side of a brick building
  • Ghost ship in Lawrenceburg, IN